California Environmental Quality Act

DWR has completed environmental compliance under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), which requires a public agency to review and document potential environmental impacts before a project can be approved and implemented.

CEQA Process

Inform decisionmakers and the public about the potential significant effects on the physical environment of the proposed project and methods to avoid or substantially reduce the significant environmental effects to the extent feasible.

Notice of Preparation


Development of Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Draft EIS)

Public circulation of Draft EIS

Public circulation of Draft EIS

  1. Notice of Preparation

  2. Scoping

  3. Development of Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR)

  4. Public circulation of Draft EIR

  5. Public Meetings

  1. Development of Final EIR, including response to comments

  2. Certify EIR and

    • Adopt findings
    • Adopt statement of overriding considerations if needed
    • Adopt Mitigation, Monitoring and Reporting Plan
  3. Notice of Determination