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This Draft EIR is organized by chapter and associated appendices, which provide additional detail. The link to download the entire Draft EIR is at the bottom of this page.

Draft Environmental Impact Report

Since the publication of the Draft EIR, formatting and editorial issues have been identified in the Draft EIR. This Change Sheet describes those issues and the changes that will be made in the Final EIR to correct them. In some cases, the issues identified were not easily presented in the Change Sheet, and corrected files have been posted on this website to present the corrected information. None of the identified changes modify the Draft EIR impact analyses or conclusions. This Change Sheet may continue to be updated if other formatting or editorial issues are identified throughout the duration of the comment period.

Change Sheet

Table of Contents

Delta Conveyance Project Draft EIR Executive Summary

Click the buttons below to read a chapter or an appendix title to access those files. California law limits the information regarding cultural resources and Tribal cultural resources that can be disclosed in an EIR to avoid public dissemination of privileged information and avoid the possibility that such resources could be subject to vandalism or other damage. Although it will be a part of the record DWR utilizes to achieve CEQA compliance and make a decision on whether to approve the proposed project, Appendix 19B, Archaeological Sensitivity Analysis Report, and Appendix 32C, Tribal Cultural Resources Identification Report, will not be available for public review.

Chapter 2: Purpose and Project Objectives

Chapter 10: Geology and Seismicity

Chapter 14: Land Use


Chapter 25: Hazards, Hazardous Materials, and Wildfire

Chapter 27: Mineral Resources

Chapter 28: Paleontological Resources

Chapter 31: Growth Inducement

Chapter 33: Other CEQA-Required Analyses

Chapter 34: Community Benefits Program Analysis

Chapter 35: Public Involvement

Chapter 36: List of Preparers and Reviewers

Chapter 37: References Cited 

Chapter 38: Glossary 

Chapter 39: Text Descriptions of Figures 

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